The "One Stop" Breast Clinic in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire
The "One Stop" Breast Clinic in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire

The "internal bra" with Breform and TiLoop Bra

'I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me and for making such a huge difference to my life.'

This is what one of our Internal Bra patients (a nurse) said to us about her operation.


The "Internal Bra"

Many ladies will unfortunately develop further sagging of the breast some years after a normal breast uplift or reduction, due to the effect of gravity. The internal bra mesh support prevents this subsequent sagging in the vast majority of cases. Although this is suitable for many women in addition to a breast uplift or reduction, it is not suitable for everyone. One would not normally consider this in ladies, who have not completed their family, or who have had breast previous implant surgery. However, age is not an exclusion, as we have looked after a 75 year old lady, who had an uplift with Breform.

We have been performing the "Internal Bra"  procedure since 2010 and probably have the most experience of this technique in the UK. We use an internal bra like surgical support, which is inserted under the skin of the breast after a breast uplift or reduction.  The soft shaped support is made of polymer mesh, and is similar to surgical supports used for the repair of hernias. Polyester & polyproylene have been used for decades as surgical materials, and are bio-compatible. These are not bio-degradeable and hence remain in the breast for life, providing a permanent support.

We initially used the Breform internal bra, which was developed jointly by Dr Hans de Bruijn (Netherlands) and Dr Siegmund Johannes (South Africa). James Bristol, Charlie Chan and Fiona Court were all trained personally by Dr de Bruijn in Deventer, Netherlands. More recently in 2016, we have changed to using the German TiLoop Bra product for this procedure.

We presented the first reported UK series of Breform patients in one of the Prize sessions at the Association of Breast Surgery Conference in Bournemouth in June 2015. If you would like to listen to this short talk, the talk is available on the Association of Breast Surgeons website, (click on Session 19 starting at slide 22).

In 2016, we were invited to wrote an article explaining this technique for surgeons in PMFA News. You can read more about this here. Our team of surgeons is now one of the most experienced group of surgeons performing this technique in the UK.


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